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Music and Art

Our Fine Arts dedicates...

In our vibrant Fine Arts Department, a diverse range of artistic expression thrives. Under the expert guidance of Mrs. McBrayer, the world of Visual Arts blossoms with creativity and imagination. Through her knowledge and skill, students are encouraged to explore various techniques, developing a strong foundation in artistic principles. Mrs. McBrayer's passion for the arts is contagious, and her dedication to each student's growth and development is evident in the stunning works of art that she shows off during our annual Art Show.

Simultaneously, Mr. Clemmons skillfully strikes a joyful chord in leading Music Education. With his charismatic presence and extensive musical expertise, he ignites a love for music in the hearts of his students. From teaching the fundamentals of rhythm and melody to orchestrating impressive performances, Mr. Clemmons creates an environment where students can freely express themselves through sound.

Fine Arts